SHINKI builds on the history of diagnostic radiology of the Republic of Korea.

Since we started providing radiographic films to medical institutions nationwide with the management philosophy of “Achievement of National Health and Welfare”, we have been presenting a new paradigm to the rapidly changing health care environment through preemptive responses and creative innovations, such as the release of Computed Radiography (CR) for the first time in the nation and the introduction of the distribution service system of rental sales.

SHINKI is the standard of diagnostic radiation in the Republic of Korea.

Our complete lineup of equipment from entry-level X-ray film and shooting of CR and Digital Radiography (DR) to our high-end Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) presents the standard of customer-oriented diagnostic radiation devices with fast and accurate A/S. At the forefront of the industry, we form partnerships with nationally recognized organizations in the medical field, as well as in the nondestructive testing (nondestructive inspection) field, with proven product quality and service.

SHINKI is the future of IT in the Republic of Korea.

We will be pioneering the new ultrasound and artificial joint markets and continue investments on medical software development for sustainable growth so we can enlighten everyone about the future of medical IT of the Republic of Korea and become a cornerstone as we go beyond the area of diagnostic radiology and cover all areas of the medical field.


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